[Mongrel] The Debian Plan - reloaded

Filipe filipe at icewall.org
Fri Jan 12 14:06:38 EST 2007

On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Zed A. Shaw wrote:

> On Thu, 11 Jan 2007 08:01:59 -0200 (BRST)
> Filipe <filipe at icewall.org> wrote:
>> Hello!
>> My name is Filipe and I'm from the Debian ruby-extras team.
> Oh! One more condition I *have* to insist on.  If you guys carve the damn package up into a billion other little packages and then shove the files around into a thousand locations then I'm gonna scream.  At least if you do that, man up and update the Mongrel Debian documentation on the Mongrel site.

Well.... at the moment, we just thought of two (2!!!!) packages: one
called "mongrel" (ooooooohhh) and one called libgemsplugin-ruby . I
think we don't need more packages, don't you? Your patch to cgi is
already in debian ruby package, so we don't need to package it. And
maybe in the future we can create new packages for fastthread,
mongrel_cluster, mongrel_service, etc. Those should by different
packages because they are already distinct gems.

And I can update the page about mongrel in debian. I'll do it when we
finish our work.

> I'll be really pissed if I'm supporting poor Debian users because you decided to rip my project to shreds.
> It's fine if you put stuff in new locations, but document it.  Dammit document it.

We are documenting it, take it easy :D I already start to write the man
page for mongrel_rails.

And when the packages are ready, any problems with then can be redirect
to our mailling-list (debian-ruby at lists.debian.org).

> Feel free to contact me off list for help or questions.

Thanks! Good weekend!

filipe lautert

filipe { AT } icewall.org
Linux User        #279798
Jabber  lautert at jabber.ru

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