[Mongrel] The Debian Plan - reloaded

Jens Kraemer kraemer at webit.de
Fri Jan 12 05:02:58 EST 2007

On Thu, Jan 11, 2007 at 04:34:36PM -0700, Kyle Kochis wrote:
> LOL or IceDog.
> Sounds like a good idea Filipe. I use Debian quite a bit but always
> install ruby from source and use gems for all my extras like mongrel.
> But for those that are afraid of compiling or want an easy way to
> uninstall, apt-get is great (why would you uninstall mongrel though?)

not only for uninstalling, but also for people who have to maintain more
than one or two servers. 

Having the complete rails stack available via apt just makes life much
easier for them. The whole system is kept up-to-date by regular
apt-updates anyway, so not having to resort to another packaging system
for Rails on production systems is a good thing. 

Besides that, it's just a waste of resources to compile anything on
*each* production machine in case of an upgrade. Your average web server
shouldn't even need to have a compiler installed, imho. I've never heard
of someone compiling tomcat or java on a live machine...


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