[Mongrel] Anyway to "dynamically" start/stop mongrel based on web traffic?

Jason LaRiviere jason at indelicate.net
Wed Jan 10 17:43:38 EST 2007

Philip Hallstrom wrote:
> Then I could either kill off the mongrel later if no traffic was coming 
> in.
> Or perhaps mongrel itself could stay running, but unload (and free the 
> ram) of rails until a request came in, then load it back up for awhile 
> until traffic stopped and unload it...

What you're talking about is inetd functionality for a rails process. If
you're on a sane unix, you could probably make that happen. Take a look
at /etc/inetd.conf, or your version thereof.

Whether it is a good idea or not, well, that's another matter. I'm
inclined to say not. :-)
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