[Mongrel] Frustrating Error

Charles Brian Quinn me at seebq.com
Thu Jan 4 13:10:08 EST 2007

On 1/4/07, Jim Douglas <jdz99 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the link, it's been updated since I last visited....all I had to
> do was add the first sample config from Martins in the 'Success Stories'
> section and I'm up and running...

Good, glad you liked those, i have a few more I need to get around to
posting.... ;-)

> I would really like to know how to integrate multiple instances of mongrel
> at this point...how can I modify this section
>        # Pass other requests to mongrel instance
>        ProxyPass /
>        ProxyPassReverse /
> ...so that it can utilize a mongrel cluster?

Short answer: you can't.  proxypass simply just proxies everything
from the one port apache httpd is running (80) to one specified in the
proxypass rule -- in this case, 8200 - so even if you were running a
mongrel cluster on 8200, 8201 and 8203, it would only proxy to the
first one, on 8200.

Hence the reason we use mod_proxy_balancer with allows you to proxy
requests from on port (80) to multiple -> 8200, 8201, 8202, etc. in an
intelligent manner (based on requests coming in).

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