[Mongrel] Mongrel upload progress not showing progress on production server

Benjamin Jackson bhjackson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 17:04:25 EST 2007

Hey Zed,

> Honestly, the idea of upload progress done this way (with polling http
> requests) is a super bad idea in my book.  It's currently a hack to
> work around a broken UI in the browser, so I try not to steer people in
> this direction.
> What you should do, if you're interested, is contact Ezra at
> ez at engineyard.com as he does custom setups of this using Merb.  If you
> want to do it yourself, http://merb.devjavu.com/ has example code in it
> that you can use.

What would you suggest to someone who needs to allow clients to upload
files of more than a meg or two if not an upload progress script? It's
difficult to tell someone that they'll need to stare at their monitor
for a half hour to an hour while the upload churns on with no progress

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