[Mongrel] Mongrel upload progress not showing progress on production server

Benjamin Jackson bhjackson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 15:41:56 EST 2007


> > Thanks Zed. It is in fact behind nginx with gzip compression. How can
> > I work around this? By increasing/decreasing the buffer size? Here's
> > the relevant (I think) section of my nginx config:
> You can't.  Nginx's author is coming out with a version that fixes
> this, but otherwise it's just inherent in the design.
> Your best bet actually is to just do these uploads to a completely
> offline standalone Mongrel server so you don't tie up rails.  It's about
> the only compromise there is other than just not doing it in the first
> place.

By "offline" you mean not serving rails, right? This would require the
first of the two options presented on the site:

> This is fine and dandy, but not too many sites run on a single Mongrel. You'll quickly
> run into problems with multiple mongrels since only one Mongrel process knows about
> the upload. You'll either have to specify a specific mongrel port to communicate with,
> or set up a dedicated mongrel upload process. The third option, is use DRb.

Let me know if I'm on track, or if not please clarify. Thanks :)

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