[Mongrel] Perceived problem... fixed

joost baaij joost at spacebabies.nl
Wed Feb 28 09:24:26 EST 2007

So I had my feet entirely covered in peanut butter and jelly

.. wait ...

Wrong mailing list.

Couple weeks ago I mailed the list with a perceived problem of  
Mongrels hanging. Luis and others were very kind in suggesting  
solutions. I suspected my application anyway and went on a quest. I  
was using RMagick at the time so felt that should be my first target.

Long story short: after days of uninstalling RMagick (which did NOT  
fix things!), switching web servers, tweaking code and disabling more  
and more of my app, the problem could be traced back to ....

yes, RMagick anyway. Turned out someone had left a source install on  
the server. i.e. not the gem. Ruby was able to find it and let it (as  
we all know: the cleanest image manipulation api on the planet)  
(sarcasm) run amok. Removing the source RMagick instantly fixed all  

Memory leaks you ask? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Apparently people have been able to get RMagick running fine on a  
busy site, but I am not one of them.

Happily running a Mongrel trio again (behind LiteSpeed).

The new lighttpd 1.5 architecture looks promising, maybe I'll switch  

www.gomagazine.nl +31643904460 pobox 51059 nl-1007eb amsterdam

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