[Mongrel] Threshold of mongrel node processes

Ryan abstractryan at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 11:10:08 EST 2007


thanks for the response. Actually we are using sqlite3 for these tests. 
Also we are simply hitting the index page of the application so no mysql 
or heavy application processing is taking place. Im sure the hardware 
specs of the server would play a role. Is there a guideline anywhere a 
typical performance metric can be compared?


Alexey Verkhovsky wrote:
> > 1) Is this normal behavior for mongrel?
> Not really.
> First of all, it's hardly about Mongrel, which is rather light on CPU 
> time. More likely than not 95 out of those 98% CPU spends within your 
> app code (that runs on the same ruby process as Mongrel).
> Normal CPU utilization profile includes significant amount of database 
> work (30 to 70%). Unless your Rails app uses SQLite (an in process 
> database), or doesn't use database at all, you should see some CPU (20 
> to 70%) utilized by mysqld.
> Make sure that you did change Rails environment to production with -e 
> production option.
> > 2) Is there way to configure mongrel to only go after a threshold or 
> percentage of max cpu utilization?
> No, not within Mongrel. You shouldn't need it.
> Alex
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