[Mongrel] Problems getting mongrel service working

Jens-Christian Fischer jcfischer at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 19:49:44 EST 2007

I have the same problems:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>mongrel_rails start -c "c: 
\Program Files
\xxx\xxx" -p 3000 -e production
** Starting Mongrel listening at
** Starting Rails with production environment...
** Rails loaded.
** Loading any Rails specific GemPlugins
** Signals ready.  INT => stop (no restart).
** Mongrel available at
** Use CTRL-C to stop.
** INT signal received.
Terminate batch job (Y/N)? y

 >> At this point the application runs without problems

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>mongrel_service console  
single -c "C:\Pr
ogram Files\xxx\xxx" -p 3000 -e production -a -B
Mongrel Win32 Service, version 0.3.1
(c) 2006 The Mongrel development team.

Starting service 'single' in console mode, please wait...
Service is in running state.
Press Ctrl-C to stop it.
Stop signal received, stopping...
Waiting for onStart() to exit...
Service stopped, doing cleanup.

 >> The application is not running - no log files generated

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>mongrel_rails service::remove  
-N xxx

xxx service removed.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>mongrel_rails  
service::install -N xxx
-c "C:\Program Files\xxx\xxx" -p 3000 -e production -a -
B -l log -p log
Mongrel service 'xxx' installed as 'xxx'.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>net start xxx
The xxx service is starting.
The xxx service could not be started.

The service did not report an error.

More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 3534.

 >> And of course no running service either...

Installed Gems:

fastthread (
gem_plugin (0.2.2)
mongrel (1.0.1)
mongrel_service (0.3.1)
win32-service (0.5.2)

and Rails 1.1.6

This is Windows 2003 Server

Any ideas?


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