[Mongrel] Critical Issue - Site down...

Bob Hutchison hutch at recursive.ca
Thu Feb 22 08:41:53 EST 2007


On 21-Feb-07, at 4:10 PM, Josh Ferguson wrote:

> I'm also looking at this same box and what's happening is that I'm
> starting a single mongrel server which starts, but the first proxied
> request to it causes the out of memory error. It's only using about
> 24M of memory at the time it starts and it dies immediately. I'm not
> sure exactly what the VPS is doing or how it handles its memory.
> Nothing happens in the /var/log/messages log when it dies so I'm not
> really sure if it's a mongrel issue or a Xen issue. Any other ideas?
> Josh

I had something similar happen on a new VPS. It was a user quota  
problem. I whined to the ISP and it was fixed in a couple of minutes.  
I'd suggest looking into user and process quotas that might be  
exceeded or changed recently (doing this isn't necessarily all that  
easy and you might need the sys admin's help/co-operation).


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