[Mongrel] Critical Issue - Site down...

Bradley Taylor bradley at railsmachine.com
Wed Feb 21 17:08:46 EST 2007

use 'free -m' and look at the "-/+ buffers/cache' line.


Erik Hetzner wrote:
> At Wed, 21 Feb 2007 15:54:11 -0500,
> "Roy Satterfield" <roys at okabashi.com> wrote:
>> Zed,
>> Are you saying that this issue is caused by there not being enough RAM
>> on the server?
>> There are 2 sites running on this server. EV1 restarted the VPS and I
>> took my other site down....
>> Even with the other site down this site would not restart.
>> But the weird part is the other site will restart without any problems.
>> So if it is a memory problem then why will one site start properly?
> On a VPS the numbers which may be reported by utilities like top, etc.
> don’t correspond to the amount of memory which actually available for
> your server instance. I’m not all that familiar with the way these
> things work but it’s happened to me. You are running out of memory. It
> has nothing to do with mongrel except mongrel is using that last bit
> of memory. Kill unnecessary processes, or talk to your ISP and have
> them increase your memory allocation.
> best,
> Erik Hetzner
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