[Mongrel] Mongrel on FreeBSD

Jonathan Weiss jw at innerewut.de
Mon Feb 19 06:38:25 EST 2007


Ashley Moran wrote:
> Hi
> We have mongrel 0.3.4 (off the top of my head) on two FreeBSD  
> webservers, installed it out of ports.  The rc script has been  
> installed.  Is this done by the port, or does the gem do it?  We want  
> to upgrade to mongrel 1.0.1 - are there any changes to the rc  
> script?  I'm not sure if upgrading through gems will leave the rc  
> script broken in any way.

Upgrading through the gems will leave the old gem (installed through the 
ports) in place as gems can co-exist.

> Unfortunately there's no maintainer for the port right now, which is  
> a shame.  I was really pleased to see the rc script being added.

I do not know why the maintainer droped it. But I will ask him and if he 
does not want it anymore, I will update the port.

> Thanks
> Ashley


Jonathan Weiss

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