[Mongrel] mongrel_cluster 0.2.2 - plugin cluster::status doesnot exist?

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 not exist?

Patrick Berry wrote:
On 2/13/07, Matte Edens <matte at ruckuswireless.com> wrote: Hello all.  I've recently installed the 0.2.2 pre-release of
 mongrel_cluster to try out the new --clean option.  However, after
 installing, when I give a simple "mongrel_rails" command, the
 cluster::status command is not listed.  The error I receive when I do 
 try and run the full "mongrel_rails cluster::status" is...
 ERROR RUNNING 'cluster::status': Plugin /cluster::status does not exist
 in category /commands
 I'm running a FreeBSD 6 VPS.  here is the mongrel gem list. 

 Removing the 0.2.1 version of the gem worked for me.
 gem uninstall mongrel_cluster (it will prompt for which version you want to uninstall)
 Perfect.  Thanx Pat.  I used a "gem cleanup mongrel_cluster" which worked as well but that's more draconian since it removes ALL old instances instead of letting you pick and choose.  Which is fine for me
 Doing that fixed the problem.  Now, finding out I have to run the command from inside the directory of a running app (duh), I'm getting the following errors output...
 Checking 2 Mongrel servers...
 ps: cmd: keyword not found
 ps: no valid keywords; valid keywords:
 Lost dog: 8000
 ps: cmd: keyword not found
 ps: no valid keywords; valid keywords:
 Lost dog: 8001
 The following line from the "status" function is incorrect (for my system at least)
 ps_output = `ps -o cmd= -p #{pid}`
 Running that line from the command line with a valid pid file gives me this...
 $ ps -o cmd= -p 84086
 ps: cmd: keyword not found
 ps: no valid keywords; valid keywords:
 %cpu %mem acflag acflg args blocked caught comm command cpu cputime emul etime f flags ignored inblk inblock jid jobc ktrace label lim lockname login logname
 lstart lwp majflt minflt msgrcv msgsnd mwchan ni nice nivcsw nlwp nsignals nsigs nswap nvcsw nwchan oublk oublock paddr pagein pcpu pending pgid pid pmem ppid pri
 re rgid rgroup rss rtprio ruid ruser sid sig sigcatch sigignore sigmask sl start stat state svgid svuid tdev time tpgid tsid tsiz tt tty ucomm uid upr uprocp user
 usrpri vsize vsz wchan xstat
 It works after changing the line to read...
 ps_output = `ps -o command -p #{pid}`
 I'm not successfully receiving...
 Checking 2 Mongrel servers...
 Found dog: 8000
 Found dog: 8001
 matte - webmonkey
 matte at ruckuswireless.com: <mailto:matte at ruckuswireless.com> 
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