[Mongrel] mongrel_cluster 0.2.2 - plugin cluster::status does not exist?

Matte Edens matte at ruckuswireless.com
Tue Feb 13 15:20:04 EST 2007

Hello all.  I've recently installed the 0.2.2 pre-release of 
mongrel_cluster to try out the new --clean option.  However, after 
installing, when I give a simple "mongrel_rails" command, the 
cluster::status command is not listed.  The error I receive when I do 
try and run the full "mongrel_rails cluster::status" is...

ERROR RUNNING 'cluster::status': Plugin /cluster::status does not exist 
in category /commands

I'm running a FreeBSD 6 VPS.  here is the mongrel gem list.

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

mongrel (1.0.1)
    A small fast HTTP library and server that runs Rails, Camping, Nitro
    and Iowa apps.

mongrel_cluster (0.2.2, 0.2.1)
    Mongrel plugin that provides commands and Capistrano tasks for
    managing multiple Mongrel processes.

I've rebooted the machine but to no avail.  And I have confirmed that my 
/usr/local/bin/mongrel* commands are the current ones.


Thanx in advance

matte - webmonkey
matte at ruckuswireless.com

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