[Mongrel] primary bonus of mongrel 1.0.1?

Oliver Muthig mail at oliver-muthig.de
Sat Feb 10 03:23:19 EST 2007


the problem is not that there is not enough change information but that 
there is too much. What Andy and probably many others want is a concise 
document explaining on a high level why someone would like to upgrade to 
a new release, what pitfalls to avoid and what the most important new 
features are good for.

Most people follow the notion of "never change a running system". Also 
every change has costs associated to it. In a commercial environment you 
would need good arguments to spend money. Why should everyone experiment 
with the same feature set? Of course every application has it's 
specifics too.

In my experience there is no way to automate such a document.


>> That's really the best I can do without help.  I have to automate 
>> things, and svn changelogs blow so I'm stuck.  Without automation I'd be 
>> burdened with writing this same information over and over again in 
>> various forms.  Considering there's a wealth of change information 
>> including svn logs, atom feeds, news announcements, bug trackers, 
>> forums, and mailing lists it's not like there's nothing.  So, I tell 
>> people if that's not enough, then your requirements are exceptional and 
>> you should do something for yourself to solve the problem.
>> But, one thing I don't hear is a solution.  Just a criticism.  If you've 
>> got a particular tool that automates change logging the way you like it 
>> and want to do the work to get it implemented in the mongrel build 
>> process then step up and help.  Otherwise, what I got is the best I can 
>> do given my time constraints.

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