[Mongrel] Informal benchmarks - apache, mongrel, etc

Philip Hallstrom mongrel at philip.pjkh.com
Thu Feb 8 18:17:48 EST 2007

>> Yeah, I also understand Zed's frustration.  These are the kind of
> things that get picked up on /. or digg on a slow day >and, well...you
> know what happens then.
> Yes. You have to suffer through the following comments:
> * In Soviet Russia, Mongrel benchmarks run YOU!
> * Imagine a Beowulf cluster running Mongrel!
> * Yes, but does Mongrel run Linux?
> * Random goats.ex links
> * Netcraft confirms, Mongrel is dying.
> * All your Mongrel are belong to us!
> * In Korea, only old people run Mongrel.
> * I, for one, welcome our new Mongrelian Overlords.
> And, last but not least:
> 1) Install Mongrel
> 2) Run hundreds of Mongrel instances
> 3) ???
> 4) Profit!!!

I only wish you had a typo or other error in your message so we could 
round out the selection of posts with a thourough grammatical lashing!

Followed by several more posts pointing out every error in this post.

Followed by several more telling all of us to get a life.

Otherwise I think you just about nailed it :)

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