[Mongrel] Mongrels 1.0.1 falling asleep w/ Rails 1.2

joost baaij joost at spacebabies.nl
Sun Feb 4 11:21:21 EST 2007

Op 2-feb-2007, om 20:30 heeft Zed A. Shaw het volgende geschreven:

> If you don't have memcache, then what you can do is wait until a  
> mongrel "sleeps", then run strace on the process to see what it's  
> doing, if anything.  After that, I got some other stuff you could  
> try out using gdb.

I'll start 'em up again, but won't use them in production. We'll see  
if the problem occurs and I'll get back to y'all. Much thanks for all  
the help though, it's appreciated.


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