[Mongrel] Mongrels 1.0.1 falling asleep w/ Rails 1.2

joost baaij joost at spacebabies.nl
Sun Feb 4 11:19:34 EST 2007

Op 2-feb-2007, om 14:36 heeft Luis Lavena het volgende geschreven:

> Are you using fastthread? Is mandatory since ruby leaks memory in his
> threading/mutex/syncing functions.

Yep, per the gem so should be fine.

> If just happen with one instance, could you switch it to debug mode?

I'll do that but won't be able to run Mongrel in production. I'll  
just throw apachebench or something at them to simulate a load.

> Could you share your mongrel_cluster.yml?

cwd: /home/websites/gomagazine
port: "9000"
environment: production
pid_file: log/mongrel.pid
servers: 3

> Also, which load balancer? and its configuration file? (Often the load
> balancer aren't set to balance anything, have seen this before).

The software load balancer inside LiteSpeed. Funny you should say  
that as I had a feeling it wasn't functioning anyway. So that  
definitely could be an option.

> Ok, which plugins are you using? memcached-client?


I'll enable debug logging but might be a while.


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