[Mongrel] Mongrels 1.0.1 falling asleep w/ Rails 1.2

Steven Lumos steven at lumos.us
Sat Feb 3 01:03:01 EST 2007

joost baaij <joost at spacebabies.nl> writes:
> I'm a bit surprised I can't find anything about this in the mailing  
> list archives.

So am I, because it's there.

> Basically since Mongrel 1.0.1 I've had Mongrels fall asleep without
> any real cause. A deep sleep, actually more like a coma. The mongrel
> in question (I'm using a cluster of three) can not be revived. A
> cluster::stop, then cluster::start is nessesary.
> A ::restart would not help, but no ruby processes were left running.  
> The comatose Mongrel's pidfile would still be there though.
> I can find no apparent reason in the logs, but this situation did  
> occur VERY frequently, most often overnight. I run a very agile site  
> with lots of restarts, so maybe it has to do with that (no restarts  
> during the night, a memory leak somewhere?).
> It started with Mongrel 1.0.1 but .... just a few days before I  
> upgraded to Mongrel 1.0.1, I upgraded to Rails 1.2.
> So I'm not sure who's the culprit. A few days ago I switched to the  
> lsapi RailsRunner and the problem has disappeared, so Mongrel  
> definitely is involved.
> Just thought I'd give it a mention.
> Ant btw Zed: the .nl welcomes you, the land of cheese and clogs.  
> Actually it's nice here, you should visit us someday!
> Joost.

The deadly combination for me seems to be the Oracle adapter and
running in development mode (which I only do when developing so it's
been a major annoyance but not a show stopper).

Then fastthread showed up and the problem vanished.  Poof.


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