[Mongrel] Win32 Service Commands Missing?

Alan Maszt alan_maszt at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 2 11:51:42 EST 2007

I've upgraded from version to 1.0.1 (along with dependencies). I can see service::install and service::remove commands, but not service::start and service::stop. Moreover, after installing the service with service::install, the service shows up on the list in Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services, but fails to start from there.

1. Unless the documentation on the website is obsolete. I'd expect service::start and service::stop to be available.

2. The whole thing seems to be caused by mongrel_service 0.3.1 mswin32. If I revert to the previous version (0.1 ruby) the missing options show up and the service starts even with mongrel 1.0.1.

Any hints appreciated,


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