[Mongrel] Mongrels 1.0.1 falling asleep w/ Rails 1.2

joost baaij joost at spacebabies.nl
Fri Feb 2 06:10:03 EST 2007

*nix, Linux. No, not acts_as_ferret. I'm truncating log files  
manually every week or so, this has never been a problem anyway. Cpu,  
disk and network are all available in abundance.

I couldn't say it also happens with a single instance, but definitely  
behind the load balancer. And then only one mongrel out of three.  
Always the one with lowest port (9000). He/she isn't home trained  
anymore and will leave a .pid file behind. The other two are fine.

I don't snore ;) and you shouldn't invest much effort tracing this one.

It might be a quirk in my setup, or specific for LiteSpeed or any of  
my plugins, or Ruby (1.8.4). It's no big problem since my app runs  
just fine with lsapi too. I just wanted to share. As I seem to be the  
only one, must be my setup?


Op 2-feb-2007, om 11:42 heeft Eden Li het volgende geschreven:

> We'll probably need a bit more information here.  Are you running  
> on Windows or *nix?  Are you using acts_as_ferret?  Are you letting  
> Rails/Ruby rotate log files?  Does this occur with a single  
> instance of Mongrel, or only behind your load balancer?  Do you  
> snore at night? etc ;-)
> On 2/2/07, joost baaij <joost at spacebabies.nl> wrote: I'm a bit  
> surprised I can't find anything about this in the mailing
> list archives. Basically since Mongrel 1.0.1 I've had Mongrels fall
> asleep without any real cause. A deep sleep, actually more like a
> coma. The mongrel in question (I'm using a cluster of three) can not
> be revived. A cluster::stop, then cluster::start is nessesary.
> A ::restart would not help, but no ruby processes were left running.
> The comatose Mongrel's pidfile would still be there though.
> I can find no apparent reason in the logs, but this situation did
> occur VERY frequently, most often overnight. I run a very agile site
> with lots of restarts, so maybe it has to do with that (no restarts
> during the night, a memory leak somewhere?).
> It started with Mongrel 1.0.1 but .... just a few days before I
> upgraded to Mongrel 1.0.1, I upgraded to Rails 1.2.
> So I'm not sure who's the culprit. A few days ago I switched to the
> lsapi RailsRunner and the problem has disappeared, so Mongrel
> definitely is involved.
> Just thought I'd give it a mention.
> Ant btw Zed: the .nl welcomes you, the land of cheese and clogs.
> Actually it's nice here, you should visit us someday!
> Joost.
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