[Mongrel] Monit / mongel_cluster 0.2.2 / mongrel 1.0.1

Paul King cronald at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 21:18:52 EST 2007


I've a few problems with my rails app at the minute, causing mongrels
in a cluster to die, while I debug I've setup monit to keep the site

Problem is, whenever monit starts one of my mongrels via mongrel_rails
cluster::start --only 8000 --clean -C /url/to/yml/file I get the
following in my log/mongrel.log:

** Mongrel available at
** Writing PID file to log/mongrel.8000.pid
Define INLINEDIR or HOME in your environment and try again

I also had to make changes to mongrel_cluster 0.2.2's init.rb to give
it the full path to mongrel_rails, otherwise it failed to find it.

If I run the same command line myself, the pup comes up fine.

Anyone got a working example with the new mongrel_cluster functionality?


check process mongrel-8000 with pidfile /path/to/mongrel.8000.pid
        start program = "/usr/local/bin/ruby
/usr/local/bin/mongrel_rails cluster::start --only 8000 --clean -C

Thanks in advance,

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