[Mongrel] Segmentation fault in Mongrel when run with --debug

Scott Derrick lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Dec 21 19:26:12 EST 2007

Nathan Vack wrote:
> Rails's code is probably OK in this case -- periodically_call_remote
> isn't inherently dangerous -- it just writes some javascript that
> periodically calls (via Prototype's Ajax.Request) a controller /
> action. If you use Firebug and make the same request in the console
> (without using p_c_r), you'll see the exact same problem after
> several (hundred?) requests.
> The problem is probably (almost certainly) in either code you've
> written or in a library you're using. gdb will help you out here.

I am making a  find(.. call which uses the sqlite3 gem

> Really, though, this is offtopic for Mongrel's list -- either the
> Rails list or the Ruby list is a better match for these problems. The
> Rails IRC channel might also be useful. Or contact me off-list, and
> I'll help if I can...

thats true if its not a mongrel problem. I am pursuing a solution on 
other forums.


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