[Mongrel] Integration of Mongrel with RHEL, Fedora and derivatives

Paolo Campegiani paolo.campegiani at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 03:08:55 EST 2007

Hi gurus,

here at Scuola IaD we have some Rails applications in production, I'm
the sysadmin so I made a script for governing mongrel instances via
the service command and integrating their management in a RHEL
environment. This script, available with more information here:


has these features:

- it does not use mongrel_cluster; instead, each Rails application is
described by a text file, that specifies also on which ports it should
listen to;
- it spawns a mongrel_rails instance for each port and each application;
- it can selectively stop/start one application, or all of them;
- it deals with the pid stale file problem, ensuring they are deleted
when it's needed;
- it allows for a finer grain of security, as each Rails application
can be owned by a different user;

in fact we are using this script for also governing mongrel instances
via monit, and it's totally compatible with RHEL 4/5, Fedora and

I'm happy if someone will use it, and more happy if someone will take
a look at it to suggest improvements and corrections.

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