[Mongrel] Long-running pages cause mongrel time-outs

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> >Hi Ezra --
> >
> >I found it interesting that you recommended Bj (backgroundjobs) and
> >not
> >BackgrounDrb. I hadn't heard of Bj before, and I'll check it out.
> >Thanks for
> >the link. Given that you initiated the development BackgrounDrb, I'm
> >curious
> >when and where you would recommend Bj over BackgrounDrb.
> >
> >Mason
> Hi Mason,
> I found this link which clearly illuminates your question.
> http://groups.google.com/group/ruby-talk-google/browse_frm/thread/144e9b3644ffe88e#38b99ec30098b956
> In short: BackgroundRb relies on slave.rb (maintained by Ara T Howard,
> the author of Bj), and Ara claims only one person (Eric Hodel)
> understands how to use slave.rb properly: so BackgroundRb is just too
> complex to maintain (too much flexibility). Bj is specifically designed
> to address this issue.

Thats just one side of the story. BackgrounDRb no longer depends
slave.rb. Its stable as hell. There is not a single bug in
BackgrounDRb that has been reported and not solved. You can checkout
activity on BackgrounDRb mailing list.

BackgrounDRb is not Bj however, It can be if you want to use it like
that. Please check your facts before making any such claims.

> Erza's company EngineYard is one of the sponsors of Bj - so it's
> designed to meet some business needs of theirs (I'm a customer so that
> includes me!).
>  From my analysis, Bj looks good b/c it puts the jobs into a database
> table so things are both persistent and scalable with very little
> additional infrastructure.
> Steve
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