[Mongrel] Long-running pages cause mongrel time-outs

Steve Midgley public at misuse.org
Wed Dec 19 12:01:26 EST 2007

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>Hi Ezra --
>I found it interesting that you recommended Bj (backgroundjobs) and 
>BackgrounDrb. I hadn't heard of Bj before, and I'll check it out. 
>Thanks for
>the link. Given that you initiated the development BackgrounDrb, I'm 
>when and where you would recommend Bj over BackgrounDrb.

Hi Mason,

I found this link which clearly illuminates your question.


In short: BackgroundRb relies on slave.rb (maintained by Ara T Howard, 
the author of Bj), and Ara claims only one person (Eric Hodel) 
understands how to use slave.rb properly: so BackgroundRb is just too 
complex to maintain (too much flexibility). Bj is specifically designed 
to address this issue.

Erza's company EngineYard is one of the sponsors of Bj - so it's 
designed to meet some business needs of theirs (I'm a customer so that 
includes me!).

 From my analysis, Bj looks good b/c it puts the jobs into a database 
table so things are both persistent and scalable with very little 
additional infrastructure.


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