[Mongrel] Cluster, upload progress and sessions

Joerg Diekmann lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Dec 19 05:42:43 EST 2007


I have a mongrel cluster with a mongrel_upload_progress ... when I
upload a file, my cookie session id changes ....

So on the upload form, my Session ID is say:


And when I do my multi-part form POST, after Mongrel's dealt with the
whole upload and passes the request on to Rails, my session has changed


Normal requests after that revert back to the initial Session ID ... You
can see that just that last portion changes. If I don't run a cluster -
ie on my development machine, it works fine.

Why is that?

The effect is that my user is not logged in for the upload post ...
which means the filter chain redirects me to log in. :-(

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