[Mongrel] Mongrel error : EMFILE too many open files

Scott Derrick lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Dec 17 12:05:14 EST 2007

Kirk Haines wrote:

>> It is odd that what ever the problem, Mongrel crashes..  It won't
>> respond to any http request from any client. Its dead in the water.
>> That makes it a Mongrel problem in my eyes, at least to anybody who
>> cares if Mongrel is reliable or not.
> No, it doesn't, because it doesn't have anything to do with _mongrel_
> reliability.

I appreciate your responses and am looking at everything to find the 
problem. Believe me I'm not looking for a scapegoat, I'm looking for a 

The reason why I think this is a mongrel reliability issue is that when 
my mongrel server stops responding, its stops responding to everybody! 
Any browser from any client machine that trys to access any page on the 
website gets "nada", no response..

I can't even get a page not found 404 error if I feed it a bad address, 
the mongrel server is locked up and not responding, to anybody.

Maybe I don't understand the linkage between my web app and the web 
server, I didn't think my application by running a periodic update could 
cause the server to refuse any new connections? Its not like its really 
busy with a couple hundred requests a second, its 5 requests a second, 
on a fast server?


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