[Mongrel] Fresh install on Debian Etch - Mongrel immediately hangs

Paolo Capriotti lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Dec 17 04:15:58 EST 2007

Benny Beesnus wrote:
> Hi,
> I just did a clean install of
> Ruby 1.8.5
> Rubygems 0.9.0
> and the Mongrel and Mongrel_Cluster gems.
> I used only the Debian Etch package manager, nothing compiled myself.
> Now, on a testapp when I do a script/server, I get the:
> ** Ruby version is not up-to-date; loading cgi_multipart_eof_fix
> warning. But it's not serving my app. Ruby is immediately on 100% CPU
> load (and 0.7% memory) and stays there.
> When I press CTRL-C on the console I started the server from, I get
> => Booting Mongrel (use 'script/server webrick' to force WEBrick)
> => Rails application starting on
> => Call with -d to detach
> => Ctrl-C to shutdown server
> but still, nothing is served and Ruby process at 100% CPU.
> Trying to do a mongrel_rails -B to debug it produces no debug log. The
> hang is very immediate.

I've found that mongrel tries to require some library repeatedly, 
because it gets an unrelated exception while trying to load it. For me, 
the missing library was actually fastthread, and installing it solved 
the problem.
To find out what is the actual error, add a print statement after line 8 
in lib/mongrel/gems.rb.

Hope that helps,

Paolo Capriotti
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