[Mongrel] Mongrel error : EMFILE too many open files

Kirk Haines wyhaines at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 21:39:45 EST 2007

On Dec 16, 2007 12:24 PM, Scott Derrick <lists at ruby-forum.com> wrote:

> Well I changed the session store to memory_store and it still crashes..
> I don't get the EMFIle error, mongrel just stops responding to any
> request.
> I would try database store but I can't put the session store in my
> default database for concurrency reasons.  I tried to find instructions
> on how to set it up to use a separate database file but haven't found
> that yet..
> I also wonder about why mongrel was still using pstore after I upgraded
> to rails 2.0.1?  I thought the default for 2.0 was to store it in the
> cookie file on the client? Mine was still creating pstore files in tmp?
> Shouldn't it use cookie by default?

Nobody else has said it, so I will.

This is not a Mongrel problem.

It's a problem related to the web framework that you are using, and/or
how you are using that framework.  Mongrel doesn't have anything
whatsoever to do with your application session management details.

I imagine that you will find better, more specific advice by asking
your question in a Rails specific forum.

Kirk Haines

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