[Mongrel] sendfile and mongrel

Matte Edens matte at ruckuswireless.com
Wed Dec 12 13:08:33 EST 2007

That's also where I got mine.  I'm running Apache 2.2.6 on FreeBSD 6.x 
and compiled it as instructed on that page.

apxs -cia mod_xsendfile.c

My linux-fu is moderate at best so I was lucky I didn't experience any 
errors compiling.  Otherwise I'd be spending a day in Google finding 
answers.  Good luck.


Andy Koch wrote:
> Matte Edens wrote:
>> I use X_SendFile with Apache 2.2 just fine.  FYI.
> I was hoping I was wrong about that.
> Where do you get your x-sendfile source from?
> I got it from "http://tn123.ath.cx/mod_xsendfile/"
> but I get all kinds of errors when trying to compile it.
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