[Mongrel] sendfile and mongrel

Nathan Vack njvack at wisc.edu
Wed Dec 12 10:27:54 EST 2007

Before I discovered x-sendfile, I used to handle file uploads with  
PHP -- talking to the same database as my main Rails app. PHP doesn't  
bloat when dumping files across the wire like Ruby does.

Remember: you don't need to use Rails / Mongrel for everything --  
sometimes switching to another platform to solve a particular problem  
can be the easiest, most robust solution.

But in this case: x-sendfile FTW. Deny from all in your files  
directory, and apache will send via x-sendfile but won't allow  
clients to download them directly.


On Dec 11, 2007, at 8:52 PM, Matte Edens wrote:

> I use X_SendFile with Apache 2.2 just fine.  FYI.
> And wouldn't it be possible to intercept all download requests and  
> force
> use of a cookie/session authorization requirement?  I do it on one  
> of my
> websites.  The X_SendFile feature doesn't actually send the server
> location of the file and if you used a url such as ...
> http://website/download/[filename]
> /download/ is an action in one of my controllers and it requires a  
> valid
> login session.  I do a query on the filename and if you're not
> authorized for the file you don't get to download.  All downloads are
> stored outside the website directory so no direct linking is  
> available.
> Then I use the x_send_file feature to have apache serve up the file
> without going through mongrel.
> There's also a nice x_send_file plugin that replaces "send_file"  
> with an
> "x_send_file" call, so code updates should be at a minimum.
> matte
> Andy Koch wrote:
>> forgive me if this has been resolved already...
>> I have an app that is using sendfile to return large files to  
>> customers.
>>   We can't use regular Apache to handle this static content since the
>> files are what the customers are paying for - so it wouldn't be  
>> cool for
>> anyone else to get access to them.
>> The issue is that the mongrel mem footprint gets bloated when the  
>> files
>> are transferred and this mem does not get returned to the system.
>> I've looked into x-sendfile, but it doesn't appear to be  
>> compatible with
>> Apache 2.2.
>> Now the question, does the current mongrel 1.1.1 have this same issue
>> with sendfile and memory bloating? (I'm currently running 1.0.1)
>> Are there any other recommendations for handling this situation?
>> thanks
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