[Mongrel] sendfile and mongrel

Andy Koch andy.koch at pc-doctor.com
Tue Dec 11 20:02:23 EST 2007

forgive me if this has been resolved already...

I have an app that is using sendfile to return large files to customers. 
  We can't use regular Apache to handle this static content since the 
files are what the customers are paying for - so it wouldn't be cool for 
anyone else to get access to them.

The issue is that the mongrel mem footprint gets bloated when the files 
are transferred and this mem does not get returned to the system.

I've looked into x-sendfile, but it doesn't appear to be compatible with 
Apache 2.2.

Now the question, does the current mongrel 1.1.1 have this same issue 
with sendfile and memory bloating? (I'm currently running 1.0.1)

Are there any other recommendations for handling this situation?


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