[Mongrel] Old sessions being restored

Reese, Terry terry.reese at oregonstate.edu
Mon Aug 27 15:43:53 EDT 2007

So, this is an update to an early query.  We have a single server
running 5 mongrel instances.  We use apache's mod_proxy_balancer to
distribute requests between the mongrel instances.  For the time being,
I've setup SQLSession as my session manager so I can see data being
written into an sql database.  

My question.  If rails has difficulty restoring a requested session,
will it simply restore and old session?  I ask because what I'm seeing
is odd.  I can see the session created in the database -- the session id
being passed correctly -- however, on next access, the application will
restore a set of older session values and replace the current data with
the re-written values in the database.  I'm not seeing any errors in any
of the log files.  The problem is identical whether I'm using the
STICKYSESSION cookie with the balancer or not.  

At this point, I'm looking for ideas because this sessioning behavior
doesn't make any sense to me.  Something, somewhere, is maintaing old
session data and is re-writing it back to the application.  At this
point, I'm trying to figure out where it might be coming from.


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