[Mongrel] memcache and mongrel_cluster configuration question

Reese, Terry terry.reese at oregonstate.edu
Mon Aug 20 20:05:04 EDT 2007

I'm assuming that what I'm trying to do is a fairly common on this list,
so I'm hoping someone can help me out.  We are deploying a rails app.
using multiple mongrels, managed by mongrel_cluster and apache's
mod_balancer.  All config information is below.  As part of our setup,
we use memcache for sessioning -- which is my current problem.  Sessions
are being set, however, it seems that each mongrel instance is
maintaining its own copy of the session data (does that make sense?).
What I'm seeing is that as data is being placed into session variables,
occasionally, an older instance of a session variable will be
resurrected.  So if I'd placed "water" in a session variable to be used
for some action and then placed "fish" in the session variable to use
for some actions -- when I do those actions, sometimes I'm getting
"water" back when I query the session variable.  It's almost like each
mongrel instance is using it's own "memcache" -- which doesn't make
sense because we only have a single memcache server running.   
Any suggestions are welcome.  
Any, here's our setup:
10 mongrels running on 1 server, managed by mongrel_cluster
1 memcache server, running on localhost
httpd-vhost config info:
  SetEnv RAILS_ENV development
  ServerName server.oregonstate.edu
  ServerAdmin xx at c.com
  DocumentRoot /usr/local/apache-lf/rails/public/
  ErrorLog /usr/local/apache-lf/rails/log/error.log
  CustomLog /usr/local/apache-lf/rails/log/access.log common
  <Location /balancer-manager>
    SetHandler balancer-manager
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny From all
    Allow from 
  RewriteEngine On
  RewriteRule ^(.*/)?.svn/ - [F,L]
  ProxyPass /balancer-manager !
  ProxyPass /balancer-manager/ !
  ProxyPass /images/ !
  ProxyPass /stylesheets/ !
  ProxyPass /javascripts/ !
  ProxyPass /error/ !
  ProxyPass /icons/ !
  ProxyPass / balancer://libraryfind/ stickysession=STICKY_ROUTE
  ProxyPassReverse / balancer://libraryfind/
  ProxyPreserveHost On
  <Proxy balancer://libraryfind>
     BalancerMember route=lf-4010
     BalancerMember route=lf-4011
     BalancerMember route=lf-4012
     BalancerMember route=lf-4013
     BalancerMember route=lf-4014
     BalancerMember route=lf-4015
     BalancerMember route=lf-4016
     BalancerMember route=lf-4017
     BalancerMember route=lf-4018
     BalancerMember route=lf-4019
  <Directory "/usr/local/apache-lf/rails/public">
     Options +FollowSymlinks +ExecCGI
     AllowOverride All
     Order allow,deny
     Allow from all

environment.rb memcache config info:
# Within the Rails::Initializer do block
config.action_controller.session_store = :mem_cache_store
#Outside the block
memcache_options = {
   :compression => true,
   :debug => false,
   :namespace => "mem-#{RAILS_ENV}",
   :readonly => false,
   :urlencode => false
CACHE = MemCache.new 'localhost:11211', :namespace => "mem-#{RAILS_ENV}"
ActionController::Base.session_options[:cache] = CACHE

Terry Reese
Cataloger for Networked Resources
Digital Production Unit Head
Oregon State University Libraries
Corvallis, OR  97331
tel: 541-737-6384
email: terry.reese at oregonstate.edu
http: http://oregonstate.edu/~reeset

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