[Mongrel] SqueezeBox, a new Mongrel handler

ry dahl ry at tinyclouds.org
Mon Aug 13 14:06:51 EDT 2007

SqueezeBox is a simple file system based routing framework for erubis

It aims for a couple of niceties as well:

Instead of putting your logic inside your template, like you would
with PHP, SqueezeBox recognizes a separate logic file to be called
before it loads the template. This allows you room to load
ActiveRecord models or do calculations. These logic files return to
the webserver the last line of their execution. If render() is the
last line, it will load the template associated with that logic file.
If a string containing, say, JSON is returned, then the JSON will be
the body of the response and the template ignored. In fact, any object
that contains a read method can be returned and the SqueezeBox will
stream the response. (This cute behavior is stolen from Merb.)

A file called initialize.rb is loaded when the website starts, in
there you can define classes or functions that will be used throughout
the site. database.yml is looked for in the case you plan on using

There are several predefined Ruby exceptions which correspond to
common HTTP errors like NotFound and MethodNotAllowed, and Forbidden.
For example one could do:

  raise MethodNotAllowed unless @request.post?

Raising one of these exceptions will display a default error page -
but these error pages can be overridden by placing a template, for
example,  at
document_root/exceptions/not_found.erb  or
The default error message can be overridden at
document_root/exceptions/index.erb. (Another behavior stolen from Merb)

Please try it out! Thanks!



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