[Mongrel] what is the correct way to stop/start a mongrel instance using monit with mongrel cluster

Erik Hetzner erik.hetzner at ucop.edu
Fri Aug 10 02:20:34 EDT 2007

At Thu, 9 Aug 2007 21:25:23 -0400,
"Michael Steinfeld" <mikeisgreat at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi --
> I have been reading documentation and googling around to find the
> correct way to do this but I have found many ways that seem to not
> work, or the documentation makes no reference to.

I gave up on using mongrel_cluster. It doesn’t offer much benefit as
far as I can tell, and monit’s process oriented system didn’t play
that well with it. Some simple capistrano recipes can start multiple
mongrel easily, and, additionally, you can use the same settings
(number of mongrels, ports, etc.) with capistrano to generate monit
config files for monit with the help of ERB.

Erik Hetzner
;; Erik Hetzner, California Digital Library
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