[Mongrel] Session problem mongrel behind Apache proxy

Reese, Terry terry.reese at oregonstate.edu
Wed Apr 25 02:04:57 EDT 2007

> Hi,
> I've configured mongrel_clusters behind an Apache 2.2 proxy using  
> named virtual host. Session are saved as ActiveRecordSession. But the  
> cookies created on client side doesn't correspond to session data  
> saved in database (keys are different). The RoR app react just like  
> it doesn't have a session at all.
> If I don't use Apache as a proxy/load balancer and call directly  
> Mongrel_cluster, everything works well.
> What should I do to get session working with Mongrel behind an Apache  
> proxy/load balancer ?
I'm curious -- did you find a solution to this problem.  We have recently moved from a single mongrel thread to a placing mongrel behind Apache's load balancer and we are running into the same problem -- the initial request to the application initiates a session, but subsequent requests fail because the session data is empty.  Like you, if we don't use the load balancer it works fine.
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