[Mongrel] Windows Server 2003 - Cygwin - Apache 2.0 - Rails 1.2.3 -- httpd.so "permission denied"

Randy Antler randy.antler at screenplayinc.com
Fri Apr 20 18:20:28 EDT 2007

I'm new to Rails and Mongrel and I'm trying to get mongrel running  
for the first time.

I'm running Rails 1.2.3 under Cygwin on Windows Server 2003 (SP1)  
with Apache 2.0. The Rails apps works fine when proxied through  
Apache and running under WebRick, but Mongrel seems unhappy about  
something. The Apache service is running as the "Local System" user  
and I'm starting Mongrel as "ISUser" which is an Active Directory user.

When I invoke the following command:

	mongrel_rails start -h

It returns the following error message:

Permission denied - /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mongrel-1.0.1-mswin32/ 
lib/http11.so (LoadError)

Can anyone give me any hints as to what I'm doing wrong and/or how to  
correct the problem?

Many thanks in advance!

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