[Mongrel] Mongrel cluster log rotation best practices

Joey Geiger jgeiger at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 12:34:07 EDT 2007


>From my comment:
I was doing something similar, but I've changed to using copytruncate
as well, as I don't really care about losing requests (apache has

# Rails development log:
/web/servers/site/shared/log/development.log {
 rotate 7

On 4/20/07, Sean Brown <seanmichaelbrown at gmail.com> wrote:
> OK, maybe not even best practices, but at least, tested practices.
> >From my reading thus far, it is evident I shouldn't use Rails to
> handle mongrel log rotation.  Fine, I'm sold on that.  The advice I'm
> seeing says that that one should use an external script to do this.
> So my question is, what are people using?  What's working well?
> Simple bash scripts or compiled programs like logrotate?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sean
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