[Mongrel] Ferret and Mongrel. OSX vs. Linux

Erik Morton eimorton at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 16:04:06 EDT 2007

I'm having a strange problem accessing a 1.7GB Ferret index from  
within Mongrel (1.0.1) on Linux. On OSX a Ferret search through Rails  
takes a fraction of a second. From the command line, bypassing  
Mongrel, the search takes about the same amount of time. On Fedora  
Core 4 a Ferret search from the command line takes a fraction of a  
second, but the same search through Mongrel never returns. The  
mongrel just spins and using 50% or so of the CPU.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Is there some kind of limit on  
the size of a file that Mongrel allows Rails to access in Linux? Help  
is greatly appreciated. I had no problem on Linux searching a Ferret  
index of about 1.5GB.


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