[Mongrel] [ANN] Another mongrel_cluster prerelease

Michael A. Schoen schoenm at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 12 16:35:06 EDT 2007

Bradley Taylor wrote:
> mongrel_rails stop accepts a --wait argument. If I add that to 
> mongrel_cluster, will it solve these issues?

Not for me I don't think. Again, I may be misreading it, but that --wait 
argument just looks like it literally waits, then does a hard kill. I 
would have expected that option to send a TERM, then wait up to @wait 
seconds for it to go away, and do a KILL if it was still there. If that 
were the implementation it sounds like it would work for most folks.

I'm really just looking for the ability to do a restart, ie., a graceful 
stop following by an automatic (within Mongrel) start.

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