[Mongrel] Mongrel dying daily with Ruby 1.8.6

Jack Christensen jackc at hylesanderson.edu
Wed Apr 4 09:50:03 EDT 2007

Pete DeLaurentis wrote:
> Here's a question: Is anyone running ruby1.8.6 succesfully with mongrel?
Yes. In fact, my problems with mongrels dying went away when I went to 
ruby 1.8.6. Of course, I changed a number of other things at the same 
time so I can't say conclusively that the ruby upgrade was the solution. 
But I haven't had any mongrels die since I deployed my new setup last 5 
days ago, and prior to that I was having a mongrel die (as in crash not 
just stop responding) every few hours or so.

Jack Christensen
jackc at hylesanderson.edu

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