[Mongrel] Mongrels dying on FreeBSD 5.5-STABLE......why why why?

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Tue Apr 3 15:18:01 EDT 2007

> > I recently moved one of my older Rails apps on a FreeBSD 5.5 box to
> mongrel
> > as well. Everything runs quickly and wonderfully - when it's running! My
> > problem is that over time each one of my 5 mongrel processes die.
> There's
> > nothing in the mongrel.log telling me why they die. They just die.
> You'll have to be more specific than that.  "Die" could mean they crash
> and the process goes away, or that the process stops responding to
> requests.  For the first kind you'll need to turn on core dumps and do
> a gdb inspect after.  With the second one you've gotta list out the
> various gems you're using and when you find a dead mongrel then attach
> to it with strace or gdb to find out where it's blocked.

Die meaning, dead...process is crashed and gone. How do I turn on core
dumps? This a mongrel switch?

> My question then is two-fold
> >
> > 1: Why are my mongrel processes dying? Where's the log information?
> > 2: Can these guys be automatically restarted somehow???
> Yes, monit works great, other folks like runit.  There's a bunch of
> tutorials for both.
Got a good starting point (besides google) for running either with a

Thanks for the quick response.

seth at subimage interactive
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