[Mongrel] [OT] Ragel and FSM tutorials

Jim Hogue jjhogue at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 3 12:26:13 EDT 2007

(Off topic, but just in case others are interested :-).

You should probably take a look at some computer science college level 
theory books.  Look for "Automata Theory", "Turing machines", 
"deterministic finite automation", and "non-deterministic finite 
automation".  The turning machine is the classic example.

I have 2 classic texts on my shelf with good coverage - "Introduction 
to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation" and "The design and 
Analysis of Computer Algorithms" (Aho, Hopcroft, and Ullman authors). 
Note that any text used for a comp sci theory course should have 
coverage of this stuff (I am guessing that the 2 I mentioned are out 
of print since it has been a zillion years since I got my comp sci 
degree :-).  Putting "Hopcroft" in the search pane at Amazon brings up 
a number of texts.

In college we had an implementation of a Turing machine using macros 
in vi.  It was a classic.

I would guess that there are other implementations of Turing machines 
out there.

    - Jim

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> This is off-topic.
> I'm hoping someone on this list can point me towards more general
> information on finite state machines, their definition, how to build
> them, determining when to apply them, etc. I read Zed's blog entry
> from way back when covering Ragel [1] but he hasn't followed it up
> and there aren't many pointers to external information.
> I've googled around and found a reasonable amount of information on
> Ragel, but I'm not so interested in knowing how to use that
> particular tool as I am in learning about finite state machines *in
> general*.
> Thanks to anyone who has good pointers on docs, tutorials or good
> source code examples (any language). I'd also appreciate any
> suggestions on books (college texts or whatever) that cover this
> subject.
> cr
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