[Mongrel] Interesting proxy problem

Nathan Donaldson scarydog at mac.com
Tue Sep 26 01:08:33 EDT 2006

Kia ora all,

I have been working on migrating our FastCGI sites to Mongrel over  
the past couple of weeks and have come up against an interesting  

We have it setup so that Apache 2.0 is proxying requests to Balance  
which is configured to use a mongrel cluster.

This works well *except* it won't serve javascripts, which causes  
pages to hang. We've run balance in debug mode with packetdump and it  
looks as though the file is being sent. But the browser is left  
waiting for a response.

The interesting thing is; it sometime works the very first time when  
the cluster has been restarted.

Has anyone got any ideas what I can try next?


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