[Mongrel] Why Rails + mongrel_cluster + load balancing doesn'twork for us and the beginning of a solution

Alexander Lazic al-mongrelusers at none.at
Mon Sep 25 07:55:27 EDT 2006

On Son 24.09.2006 23:07, snacktime wrote:
>I was taking a look at the source for mod_proxy_balancer this evening,
>and it looks like the simplest solution to this whole problem is to
>just add another balance method.  The functions that determine what
>balance member gets the next request are pretty short.  I'm a pretty
>bad C programmer, but I subscribed to the apache-dev list this evening
>and maybe I can get someone there to assist me on the finer points.

I think it would be possible to use this setup:

  | or any other webserver |
  | haproxy maxconn 1 minconn 1|
      |                |
      V                V
  +-------------+ +-------------+
  |mongrel_rails| |mongrel_rails|
  +-------------+ +-------------+


Pros: haproxy balance thru all mongel_rails
              check the backend if still alive
              it queues the incomming requests

Cons: more complex setup
      you need to manage more programms/tools



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