[Mongrel] How do you use Mongrel?

Ed Hickey bassnode at gmail.com
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The deal is that it's 1 Rails app that encompasses all the facets of an web
advertising system (similar to Google's Adwords).  There are 3 different
'faces'.  One serves ads in XML, one is an admin box and one handles clicks,
exclusively.  The 3 boxes aren't connected in anyway other than the database

Do we actually _need_ 10 mongrels running on each box?  I can't really say
yet.  We are expecting it to be quite a traffic-heavy system so we're
preparing...  That said, we're still in beta and testing the limits.  I can
say that the 10 mongrels aren't weighing the servers down at all.  The only
thing that gets a little (memory) hungry are the Mysql processes which is
what I think could be part of our intermittant speed problem.  Sometimes
they spiral up to 40MB a piece...and spawn into 30 different processes.  We
are using MySQL clustering (which is new to us) and it behaves much
differently than standard MyISAM/InnoDB tables so we're still sorting that

I'm curious as to what you mean when when you say "all could be having
intermittent speed issues while serving only a couple requests per
second.".  Were you assuming all the servers were clustered together?  If
not, how could they be having speed issues?  Any input would be helpful.


On 9/22/06, Kirk Haines <wyhaines at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 9/21/06, Ed Hickey <bassnode at gmail.com> wrote:
> > We're not doing anything too unique, but:
> >
> > 3 web servers and w/ a DB cluster on the backend:
> > -F5 load balancer in front of 2 of the web servers (no software
> balancer)
> > -the third server is running Apache as a balancer
> > -each server has10 mongrels running
> >
> Is your application _really_ computation intensive?  It boggles my
> mind that something running 3 web servers (single processor boxes?)
> with a separate db cluster (2 servers?) and 30 processes to handle it
> all could be having intermittent speed issues while serving only a
> couple requests per second.

Kirk Haines

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