[Mongrel] How do you use Mongrel?

Ed Hickey bassnode at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 22:45:09 EDT 2006

On 9/21/06, Philip Hallstrom <mongrel at philip.pjkh.com> wrote:
> > I'm working on the Mongrel book with Zed, and wanted to get some
> > feedback from the core users (this list) about how they use Mongrel.
> > That sounds a bit vague, but I'm interested in hearing things about
> > frustrating problems / workaround, preferred configurations...

We're not doing anything too unique, but:

3 web servers and w/ a DB cluster on the backend:
-F5 load balancer in front of 2 of the web servers (no software balancer)
-the third server is running Apache as a balancer
-each server has10 mongrels running

one small problem i ran into the first time i installed mogrel was that i
didn't have gcc installed on the machine.  mongrel installed without error,
but when i tried to start it, i got cryptic errors (well, at least they were
cryptic to me).  after some googling i found out it was because of the
missing complier so maybe that could be checked upon gem installation?
...or at least in the Readme (which it may well be by now).

we're having some other intermittent speeds issues, but i believe it's a
DB/Rails problem and can't blame mongrel.  we're in beta and consistently
serving a couple requests per second all day long without real issue.  not
bad indeed.

i have another setup with nginx balancing 10 mongrels, but that's too new to
really comment on it much.

regarding docs - there wasn't any when i first installed mongrel.  about the
only thing i could find (of much substance) was a howto on some
blog...seemed to work well enough.  Zed's new docs look very helpful though.

i'll try to supply some more useful info as our applications progress and we
run into more obstacles.

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