[Mongrel] How do you use Mongrel?

Philip Hallstrom mongrel at philip.pjkh.com
Thu Sep 21 12:25:47 EDT 2006

> I'm working on the Mongrel book with Zed, and wanted to get some
> feedback from the core users (this list) about how they use Mongrel.
> That sounds a bit vague, but I'm interested in hearing things about
> frustrating problems / workaround, preferred configurations, if you
> have a particular way you set up / store your config files when
> developing / deploying an app, for those of you running multiple
> handlers, if you have had to deal with any subtle issues, if there
> were any gotchas you encountered along the way from the docs that
> could be fixed (in the docs) or improved, any tricks you figured out
> along the way, etc. Any info will be credited properly.

The only issue we've had is related to memcache connections not closing 
when you do a cluster:restart. See:


Zed said this is a rails problem and I believe him.  I imagine if I spent 
some time looking at it some more I'd figure out how to close the memcache 
connections within rails, but at the time we simply made the decision to 
hard restart mongrel (and apache) when necessary.

Reason I mention this is the docs I was able to find about setting up 
memcache for use as fragment/session caching don't mention this as an 
issue, and it bit us...

Actually I guess there is one other issue we've noticed... on a heavily 
hit server, restarting just mongrel, apache seems to take a little while 
to "find" it again.  So we restart apache after restarting mongrel.

Super minor issues all things considered :-)  We were restarting 
lighttpd/fastcgi via cron, hourly...


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